Posted On: May 7, 2020

We’re excited to announce the availability of pull request dashboard to Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer. With this new addition, customers can now view recommendations for all code reviews in one centralized location. 

Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer is a service that scans your pull requests and gives you recommendations against your source code in Github or AWS CodeCommit, together with a description of what’s causing the issue and how to remediate it. Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer customers let us know that they want visibility into the status of code reviews and the ability to view & provide feedback on recommendations in a centralized place. Starting today, the new pull request dashboard within the Amazon CodeGuru console, will allow users to view CodeGuru Reviewer recommendations for all code reviews in a new “Code reviews” console page (Reviewer section). The page lists all code review information such as, the status of the code review, the repository, the number of recommendations, and more. Users click on a successfully completed code review to view recommendation details, search for recommendations and see the number of lines analyzed. Users may also give feedback on CodeGuru recommendations by clicking on thumbs up or thumbs down icon below the recommendation. 

The following new APIs were created to support the pull request dashboard feature:

• DescribeCodeReview
• ListCodeReviews
• ListRecommendations
• PutRecommendationFeedback
• DescribeRecommendationFeedback
• ListRecommendationFeedback

To learn more about Amazon CodeGuru, please see the features page, for more details on how to get started visit the documentation. To contact the team visit the Amazon CodeGuru developer forum.  

For more information about automating code reviews and application profiling with Amazon CodeGuru check out the AWS ML Blog