Posted On: May 27, 2020

Elastic Load Balancing now supports Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN) policies on Network Load Balancers. ALPN is a TLS extension supported by all major browsers that enables negotiation of the protocol used after establishing a TLS connection, such as HTTP/2. Using ALPN policies, you can now offload your application’s TLS HTTP/2 traffic decryption/encryption to the Network Load Balancer, improving your service security posture and reducing operational complexity.

To get started, simply attach an ALPN policy to your Network Load Balancer TLS listener. The policy can be viewed and changed at any time based on your application’s protocol requirements. When ALPN is enabled, you can use Network Load Balancer TLS access logs to track successful and unsuccessful ALPN negotiations, view clients’ protocol preference lists, identify anomalies and debug connection issues.

Network Load Balancer ALPN policies are now available in all AWS Regions. To learn more, please refer to the Network Load Balancer documentation.