Posted On: May 13, 2020

AWS Training and Certification has released Configure and Deploy AWS Client VPN, a new digital course to help customers successfully deploy and use a client VPN. This free, 30-minute foundational course includes a step-by-step administrator’s guide for setting Client VPN using the AWS Console and the command line interface (CLI). It also provides instructions for client users to download and launch VPN from their personal hardware.

Built for IT administrators and systems operators, this course will teach you how to identify the prerequisites for, and the seven steps to configure, a VPN for your organization. You will also learn to connect to the Client VPN endpoint to establish a VPN session.  

As the global focus on remote working increases, connecting and staying connected has never been more important. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are one of the core underlying technologies by which customers access IT resources and AWS solutions for successful and secure remote work and learning. An important part of enabling work-from-anywhere productivity is an AWS Client VPN providing access to AWS resources and resources in an on-premises network from any location.