Posted On: Jun 10, 2020

You can now monitor your Amazon ElastiCache for Redis fleet with 18 additional engine and node-level CloudWatch metrics. These metrics are based on the Redis INFO command and are published either as-is or are calculated further to provide you with more actionable insights to manage your Amazon ElastiCache fleet.

Some of the new key metrics include used memory as percentage of the available cache node memory, cache hit ratio, memory fragmentation ratio, Redis commands latencies and aggregated latencies per data structure. You can use the new metrics to optimize your ElastiCache clusters and tune your applications. For full list of metrics please see the Metrics for Redis documentation. 

These additional metrics are enabled by default for existing and new Amazon ElastiCache for Redis clusters for currently supported Redis engine versions (2.6.13 +) and available in all AWS regions. To get started log on to AWS Management Console.