Posted On: Jun 3, 2020

AWS DeepComposer gives developers a creative way to learn machine learning. Get hands-on, literally, with a musical keyboard and the latest machine learning techniques to expand your ML skills. AWS DeepComposer includes tutorials, sample code, and training data that can be used to build generative AI models, all without having to write a single line of code. Generative AI is one of the exciting recent advancements in artificial intelligence techniques because of its ability to create something new. Until now, developers interested in growing skills in this area haven’t had an easy way to get started. With AWS DeepComposer, developers, regardless of their background in ML, can get started with generative AI techniques to learn how to train and optimize the models to create original music.  

Today, we are excited to announce a new generative AI algorithm called autoregressive convolutional neural network (AR-CNN) that allows developers to generate music in the style of Bach. We also provide the associated learning capsule to help developers learn the concepts of the algorithm.

To get started, developers can choose the autoregressive CNN model in the music studio and select hyperparameters such as number of iterations and maximum number of input notes to add to or remove from the input melody to experiment with generating unique compositions. The autoregressive CNN model allows developers to collaborate iteratively with the machine learning algorithm by experimenting with the hyperparameters to create an original composition. Developers can learn the concepts and how the algorithm works by using the “Introduction to autoregressive convolutional neural network” learning capsule in the AWS DeepComposer console. 

Get started with AWS DeepComposer keyboard to start composing today, all powered by Generative AI. AWS DeepComposer keyboard is available on and is priced at $99. The pricing includes the keyboard and a 3-month free trial of AWS DeepComposer services. To activate your free trial, enter your keyboard serial number in the AWS DeepComposer console to link it to your AWS account.  

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