Posted On: Sep 24, 2020

Amazon Elasticsearch Service now offers the latest T3 (general-purpose) instances which offer superior performance and larger storage capacity compared to the previous generations. The T3 instances also support our recently launched features like encryption at rest and in-flight, role based access control, HTTP compression, custom dictionary, SQL, alerting, anomaly detection, and cross-cluster search.

T3 instances offer a balance of compute, memory, and network resources. T3 instances are powered by the AWS Nitro System which includes a lightweight hardware-accelerated hypervisor, delivering practically all of the compute and memory resources of the host hardware to the instances. T3 instances also feature the latest high frequency Intel Xeon Scalable processors which, combined with the AWS Nitro System, result in better price to performance improvement over T2 instances. T3 instances also support enhanced networking with up to 5 Gbps in network bandwidth using the Elastic Network Adapter (ENA).

You can now provision up to 5.7x more EBS storage per instance (e.g. T3.medium supports up to 200 GB of EBS storage per instance), which lets you index more data with fewer instances and gain additional cost savings. Further savings are available via reserved instance (RI) pricing for the T3.medium.

For customers in the AWS Free Tier, Amazon Elasticsearch Service now offers a choice of instance types between t2.small.elasticsearch and t3.small.elasticsearch instances. With this release, the service provides customers in the AWS Free Tier free usage of up to 750 hours per month of a single-AZ t2.small.elasticsearch or t3.small.elasticsearch instance and 10GB per month of optional EBS storage. If you exceed the free tier limits, you will be charged the Amazon Elasticsearch Service rates for the additional resources you use. See offer terms for more details.

Amazon Elasticsearch Service T3 instances are available immediately in 24 regions globally: US East (N. Virginia, Ohio), US West (Oregon, N. California), AWS GovCloud (US-Gov-East, US-Gov-West), Canada (Central), South America (Sao Paulo), EU (Ireland, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Stockholm, Milan), Asia Pacific (Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, Mumbai, Hong Kong), Middle East (Bahrain), China (Beijing – operated by Sinnet, Ningxia – operated by NWCD), Africa (Cape Town). Please refer to the AWS Regional Services List for more information about Amazon Elasticsearch Service availability.  

To get started with Amazon Elasticsearch Service T3 Instances, visit the Documentation.