Posted On: Sep 30, 2020

AWS Transfer Family is now available in the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. AWS Transfer Family provides fully managed support for Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), File Transfer Protocol over SSL (FTPS), and FTP directly into and out of Amazon S3.  

AWS Transfer Family simplifies migration of file transfer workflows to AWS, without needing to modify end user credentials, scripts, network configurations, or manage servers. The AWS GovCloud (US) Regions are designed to host sensitive data and regulated workloads in the cloud if you have U.S. federal, state, and local government compliance requirements. With this release, you can now use AWS Transfer Family in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions to seamlessly migrate your file transfer workflows to AWS and use the data transferred over the SFTP, FTPS, and FTP protocols with AWS services for processing, analytics, machine learning, and archiving.  

To learn more, visit the AWS Transfer Family product page and view the user guide for details on using the service in GovCloud. Access the AWS Transfer Family console to get started.