Posted On: Oct 27, 2020

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis Global Datastore, which provides fully managed, fast, reliable and secure cross-region replication, is now available in an additional 6 regions. With expanded region support, Global Datastore is now available in Asia Pacific (Mumbai), South America (Sao Paulo), Europe (Paris), Canada Central (Montreal), and AWS GovCloud (US) Regions.  

Global Datastore is supported on M5 and R5 nodes and is available with Amazon ElastiCache for Redis 5.0.6 and above. Amazon ElastiCache node-based pricing is applicable for all nodes created as a part of Global Datastore and standard AWS data transfer out rates apply. Please see Amazon ElastiCache pricing for more details.  

Read the Amazon ElastiCache Global Datastore documentation to learn more and to get started, and log into the AWS Management Console to apply updates.