Posted On: Nov 17, 2020

AWS Launch Wizard now enables you to deploy scripts before and after the AWS resource configuration process to customize your SAP environments. 

Pre-deployment configuration scripts run right after the instances are launched and baseline AWS Launch Wizard configuration activities— such as deploying AWS CLI, Amazon CloudWatch, and AWS Systems Manager agents— are completed. If you want to run multiple pre-deployment configuration scripts, Launch Wizard runs them in parallel on each EC2 instance in the order in which they are specified. Pre-deployment scripts can be used to perform a variety of activities, including OS hardening or deploying security/logging software. The max runtime for all pre-deployment scripts on a single EC2 instance is 45 minutes.

Post-deployment configuration scripts run when Launch Wizard completes configuration activities specific to the application on all of the instances in a deployment. Post-configuration scripts run in parallel on selected SAP instances in the order in which they are specified, and can be used, for example, to install monitoring/management software. This capability can also be used for things like updating your DNS with entries of the newly deployed SAP servers and domain joining them. Max runtime for all the post-deployment scripts on a single EC2 instance that is part of the deployment is 2 hours. Before you start the deployment, you are given the option to continue deployment even if the scripts fail or time out if you do not wish to roll back.

With this release, customers can automate the entire deployment process, making it easy to on-board SAP systems into their existing AWS environment.

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