Posted On: Dec 8, 2020

You can now get data from cloud applications such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Google Analytics and Marketo and AWS services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and detect anomalies, determine their root cause, and take actions without requiring ML expertise.

Amazon AppFlow is a fully managed integration service that has pre-built connectivity with 15 source SaaS application, such as Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk, Slack, and Google Analytics, and AWS services such as Amazon S3 in just a few clicks. Amazon Lookout for Metrics, currently available in preview, detects anomalies, or unexpected changes in your metrics, helping you proactively monitor the health of your business, diagnose issues and find opportunities quickly – with no ML experience required.

Customers can get data from any of the SaaS applications and AWS services supported as sources in Amazon AppFlow to Amazon Lookout for Metrics in just few clicks. Once the data is available in Amazon Lookout for Metrics, customers can reference the flows they created in Amazon AppFlow to detect anomalies with high accuracy using ML, leading to fewer false alarms and fewer cases of missed anomalies. Amazon Lookout for Metrics also groups related anomalies to help you identify the root cause, and ranks them in the order of severity, so that you can focus on what matters the most. You can also receive notifications on detected anomalies via supported output channels like SNS, Datadog, PagerDuty, Webhooks and Slack, and take custom action via AWS Lambda, reducing your time to resolution. Amazon Lookout for Metrics also allows you to make continuous improvements to the accuracy of our anomaly detection models and via a closed feedback loop.

This integration is launched in preview in the US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Regions.

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