Posted On: Dec 22, 2020

Amazon EMR Release 6.2 now supports improved Apache HBase performance on Amazon S3 with persistent HFile tracking, and Apache Hive ACID transactions on HDFS and Amazon S3. EMR 6.2 contains performance improvements to EMR Runtime for Apache Spark, and PrestoDB performance improvements. 

Amazon EMR 6.2 now supports Persistent HFile Tracking within HBase for HBase data files (HFiles) on Amazon S3, which improves latency for critical write path operations. Please see our documentation for more details. 

From Amazon EMR Release 6.1 onwards, Hive release 3.1.2 supports ACID transactions for both HDFS and Amazon S3. This is a key feature for use cases like streaming ingestion, data restatement, bulk updates using MERGE, and slowly changing dimensions. To learn more, see our blog and our release notes.  

Amazon EMR release 6.0 onwards support both PrestoSQL and PrestoDB applications. Amazon EMR 6.2 supports PrestoSQL version 343.  

EMR 6.2 is generally available in all commercial regions where Amazon EMR is available. Please see Regional Availability of Amazon EMR and our release notes for more details.