Posted On: Dec 17, 2020

Amazon FSx, a fully managed service that makes it easy to launch and run feature-rich and highly-performant file systems, today announced that customers can now access Amazon FSx for Windows File Server and Amazon FSx for Lustre file systems from non-RFC1918 IP addresses. Starting today, Amazon FSx for Windows File Server customers can now also join their file systems to on-premises Active Directories with non-RFC1918 IP addresses. 

Amazon FSx file systems are accessible from within the AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in which they’re created, as well as from peered and on-premises networks using AWS VPC Peering, AWS Direct Connect, or AWS VPN. Before today, access from peered or on-premises networks was limited to networks that use an RFC1918 IP address range (,, or Today’s launch provides Amazon FSx customers with even more flexibility in how they access their file storage by expanding support for access from any peered or on-premises network. 

All newly-created Amazon FSx file systems can now be accessed from any peered or on-premises network range without any additional setup required. For more information on Amazon FSx, please visit the Amazon FSx product page.