Amazon FSx provides fully managed third-party file systems. Amazon FSx provides you with the native compatibility of third-party file systems with feature sets for workloads such as Windows-based storage, high-performance computing (HPC), machine learning, and electronic design automation (EDA). You don’t have to worry about managing file servers and storage, as Amazon FSx automates the time-consuming administration tasks such as hardware provisioning, software configuration, patching, and backups. Amazon FSx integrates the file systems with cloud-native AWS services, making them even more useful for a broader set of workloads.

Amazon FSx provides you with two file systems to choose from: Amazon FSx for Windows File Server for Windows-based applications and Amazon FSx for Lustre for compute-intensive workloads.

Amazon FSx file systems

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server provides a fully managed native Microsoft Windows file system so you can easily move your Windows-based applications that require file storage to AWS. Built on Windows Server, Amazon FSx provides shared file storage with the compatibility and features that your Windows-based applications rely on, including full support for the SMB protocol and Windows NTFS, Active Directory (AD) integration, and Distributed File System (DFS). Amazon FSx uses SSD storage to provide the fast performance your Windows applications and users expect, with high levels of throughput and IOPS, and consistent sub-millisecond latencies.

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Amazon FSx for Lustre

Amazon FSx for Lustre is a fully managed file system that is optimized for compute-intensive workloads, such as high-performance computing, machine learning, media data processing workflows, and electronic design automation (EDA). With Amazon FSx, you can launch and run a Lustre file system that can process massive data sets at up to hundreds of gigabytes per second of throughput, millions of IOPS, and sub-millisecond latencies. Amazon FSx has seamless integration with S3, letting you connect your S3 data sets to your file system, run your analyses, and write results back to S3. FSx for Lustre also supports cloud-bursting workloads by allowing data from on-premises data stores to be sent over Direct Connect and VPN connections.

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Simple and fully managed

You don't have to worry about  managing file servers and storage volumes, updating hardware, configuring software, or performing backups. In minutes, you can create a fully managed file system by using the AWS Management Console, the AWS CLI, or an AWS SDK.



Native compatibility

With fully managed third-party file systems, you get native compatibility that supports the file system features, performance, and security that you rely on today, with no changes needed to your applications.

AWS integrations

Amazon FSx integrates the third-party file systems with cloud-native AWS services, making these file systems useful for an even broader set of workloads.


Each Amazon FSx file system service is cost optimized for particular workloads, such as short-term compute intensive workloads that don’t require FSx to be replicated. You can launch and delete file systems in minutes, making it easy to respond to changing business needs.

How it works: Amazon FSx for Windows File Server


How it works: Amazon FSx for Lustre

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