Posted On: Dec 4, 2020

Today, we are excited to announce the general availability (GA) of an update to Amazon GameLift FlexMatch, enabling you as a game developer to use the multiplayer matchmaker with any game server solution of your choice. Trusted by some of the most successful game companies in the world like Metalhead Software, Yager, and Illfonic, GameLift FlexMatch launched in 2017 as a GameLift feature that uses a powerful matchmaking algorithm and flexible developer-defined rules to create high-quality matches at AWS scale. 

When playing multiplayer games, players expect to enter sessions quickly and exit sessions with a sense of accomplishment. To achieve this thrill for players, a good matchmaker must group together players based on their attributes, including skill level, playstyle, and latency. Yet, it can take months or even years for developers to build a flexible matchmaker that helps them quickly tune their matchmaking behavior to provide fun, competitive player environments. With this update, GameLift FlexMatch is available to developers regardless of where they host their game. To learn more about the GameLift FlexMatch update, visit our blog.

In summary, the updated GameLift FlexMatch delivers:

  • High-quality matches at AWS scale, using your own flexible rules. GameLift FlexMatch uses a powerful algorithm to form matches based on a wide range of rulesets that you define. You can also optimize match quality by easily updating your rulesets based on players’ feedback, so you can create matches that provide players with a fun, competitive experience.
  • No upfront or maintenance costs. Pay for what you use. No more spending precious development time building your own scalable rules-based matchmaker. GameLift FlexMatch is a fully managed matchmaker that uses your ruleset to form matches and scales to meet your player demand.
  • Flexibility to place your game sessions anywhere you want. GameLift FlexMatch now works independent of any other GameLift feature, which means you can place the formed matches onto any game server solution you choose, including on-premises.

The GameLift FlexMatch update is available in seven public Regions, including Dublin, Frankfurt, North Virginia, Seoul, Tokyo, Oregon, and Sydney. Availability in Beijing (operated by Sinnet) will soon follow.

To learn more, read our blog, check out the GameLift FlexMatch documentation, or dive into the GameLift product page.