Posted On: Jan 21, 2021

AWS IoT is excited to announce the launch of the AWS IoT Device Client. This provides a free, open-source, and modular device-side reference implementation written in C++ that you can compile and install on Embedded Linux based IoT devices, allowing you to easily access AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Device Management, and AWS IoT Device Defender features by default. Moreover, since it is open-source, you can modify it to fit your use cases, and optimize it to your business needs as you move from proof of concept (PoC) to production.
With the AWS IoT Device Client, you can launch your PoC in just a few hours. It enables you to connect your IoT devices to AWS IoT Core, and use the Jobs and Secure Tunneling features of AWS IoT Device Management or the Rules Detect feature of AWS IoT Device Defender. The AWS IoT Device Client currently works by default on IoT devices with common microprocessors (x86_64 and ARM architectures), and common Linux software environments (Debian, Ubuntu, and RHEL).

To get started on your device, download the AWS IoT Device Client source code from GitHub and learn more using the readme. You can also collaborate with the open-source community and contribute to the codebase. To connect, manage, or secure your IoT devices on AWS, log in to the AWS IoT Management Console or use CLI. To learn more about AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Device Management, and AWS IoT Device Defender, visit the developer guide.