Posted On: Feb 25, 2021

JumpStart for Amazon Textract  is an AWS Solutions Consulting Offer delivered via a consulting engagement from TensorIoT, an AWS Machine Learning Competency Partner. JumpStart for Amazon Textract enhances the the benefits of Amazon Textract by reducing setup time and adding functionality that improves the data extraction experience and streamlines the user interface. Customers that request this consulting offer will participate in an engagement that delivers identification of requirements; development, testing, and verification of form templates; and deployment of the solution.

JumpStart for Amazon Textract is a deployable pipeline that allows you to quickly analyze PDF documents with Amazon Textract and view the results via a web-based user interface. Built as a complement to Amazon Textract, the solution also uses underlying AWS services such as Amazon API Gateway, Amazon CloudFront, and Amazon Cognito. Learn more or request the JumpStart for Amazon Textract AWS Solutions Consulting Offer here.