Posted On: Mar 19, 2021

AWS Proton introduces delete validations for templates in-use, ensuring that dependent resources are not orphaned if a template version is inadvertently deleted.

AWS Proton uses the current minor version of an environment, service or pipeline template to manage deployments and changes to it. For example, if you have a service using version 1.2 of the "Fargate web service" template, AWS Proton will refer to that version continuously when making deployments. As a result, if you delete it, the service might become unmanageable. With today’s release of the new delete validation, AWS Proton now prevents the minor version from being mistakenly deleted while a resource is using it. This delete validation works in addition to existing AWS Proton validations that prevent you from deleting a template if it has major versions, or from deleting a template major version with underlying minor versions.

This feature is available in all regions where AWS Proton is available. You can read more about deleting AWS Proton templates in our documentation. To get started with AWS Proton, visit our product page.