Posted On: Mar 19, 2021

AWS Solutions has updated Discovering Hot Topics using Machine Learning, an AWS Solutions Implementation that ingests text, image and video (video: upcoming feature) from online discourse in order to perform topic modeling, sentiment analysis on plain text and text embedded within images as well as detection of unsafe content in images. In this updated version, the solution allows customers to use geographical coordinates as parameters to filter ingested Twitter data and to narrow visual results. With this capability, organizations can now analyze tweets originating from geographic locations that are relevant to their business and use case.

By separating signal from the noise, this solution goes beyond the basic keyword aggregation and sentiment analysis that most tools provide. It provides comprehensive visibility into customer conversations, and the sentiments within these conversations so that businesses can react quickly to new growth opportunities, and address negative brand associations to deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction.

For details about this solution, visit the solution’s AWS Solutions Implementation webpage.

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