Posted On: May 4, 2021

Amazon Translate is a fully managed neural machine translation service that delivers real-time, high-quality, affordable and customizable language translation. Today, we are announcing that Amazon Translate has increased the concurrent API limits for batch translation jobs from 10 to 1000.

Asynchronous batch operations are particularly useful for translating large collections of docx, xlsx, pptx, html, xml, and text files stored in a folder in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) with one API call. Now customers can submit up to 1000 jobs into the queue without being concerned about throttling

Batch Translation is available in seven regions - US East 1 (Northern Virginia), US East 2 (Ohio), US West 2 (Oregon), EU West 1 (Ireland), EU West 2 (London), EU Central 1 (Frankfurt), and Asia Pacific North East 2 (Seoul).

Read the Amazon Translate documentation for more information on Command Line Interface (CLI) and AWS SDKs, particularly read the documentation on Asynchronous batch processing and get started on Batch Translation on Amazon Translate console.