Posted On: May 3, 2021

We are excited to announce that you can now hierarchically delete resources in Amazon Forecast at a parent level without having to locate the child resources. You can stay focused on building value adding forecasting systems and not worry about trying to manage individual resources that are created in your workflow. Amazon Forecast uses machine learning (ML) to generate more accurate demand forecasts, without requiring any prior ML experience. Amazon Forecast brings the same technology used at to developers as a fully managed service, removing the need to manage resources or rebuild your systems.

Previously, it was difficult to delete resources while building your forecasting system because you were required to delete the child resources first, and then delete the parent resources. Now, with hierarchical deletion you can delete an entire hierarchy of resources, without having to understand the resource hierarchy or identify the resources within the hierarchy while creating your forecasting system. The resource hierarchy can become complicated as you experiment and create multiple dataset groups, predictors, and forecasts. However, this streamlined deletion method allows you to quickly clean up resources without having to worry about understanding the resource hierarchy.

To get started with this capability, read our blog or see the Deleting Resources page and go through the notebook in our GitHub repo that walks you through how to use the hierarchical deletion. You can use this capability in all Regions where Forecast is publicly available. For more information about Region availability, see AWS Regional Services.