Posted On: Jul 27, 2021

Amazon Lex is a service for building conversational interfaces into any application using voice and text. With Amazon Lex, you can quickly and easily build sophisticated, natural language, conversational bots (“chatbots”), virtual agents, and IVR systems. Today, Amazon Lex launches UK Postal Code built-in slot type. You can now design bots to capture postal codes in the UK region. The postal codes extracted from user responses can then be used to fulfill user requests. For example, a retail chain may need to collect a caller’s postal code to provide the nearest store location and hours. With UK Postal Code built-in slot type, developers can easily capture the postal code and resolve it to a standardized format.

UK Postal Code slot type can be used in bots built using British English via Lex V2 console or AWS SDK. To learn more, visit the Amazon Lex documentation.