Posted On: Jul 1, 2021

With this launch, AWS Amplify now supports conditional backend builds, automatic build-time aws-exports.js generation, and a simpler console workflow to re-use backends across multiple frontend branches. AWS Amplify’s continuous deployment service offers frontend developers the fastest way to build and deploy full-stack apps (both the frontend and backend) on every code commit.

Full-stack deployments on Amplify are now smarter, only updating the backend if changes are detected in the committed ‘amplify’ folder. The Amplify console has an improved workflow for configuring full-stack deployments - simply point your branch to a backend environment from any Amplify app, and Amplify will automatically build and deploy your frontend and backend in a single workflow. Additionally, if you only want to build your frontend, you are no longer required to check in your aws-exports file - Amplify automatically generates the file at build time for the selected backend environment.

To learn more, check out our launch blog and documentation.