Posted On: Aug 25, 2021

When you create an AWS DataSync task to transfer your data to and from AWS Storage, you can now specify include filters as well as exclude filters, providing you with even greater control over how your data is transferred. With this enhancement, you can now schedule tasks that utilize both exclude and include filters to transfer only a subset of files in your source location. Additionally, you can now queue multiple executions of a task when the filter settings differ between executions.

DataSync filters enable you to specify which files, folders, or objects get transferred each time a task runs. You can configure include and exclude filters when a task is created, and you can override filter settings when a task is started. To use include filters, specify a list of patterns for files, folders, or objects that you want to include in the transfer. To use exclude filters, specify a list of patterns for files, folders, or objects that you would like to exclude from the transfer. You can start multiple executions of a task using different filter settings and the service has been designed to queue and run task executions in the order they were started. Using these enhanced filtering and queuing capabilities, you can reduce the duration of your data transfer tasks and avoid scanning and transferring files and folder unnecessarily, helping you saving time and money.

These new enhancements can be used in all regions where AWS DataSync is available. Learn more by reading the DataSync User Guide and the Datasync website, or sign in to the AWS DataSync console to get started.