Posted On: Aug 17, 2021

Amazon CodeGuru is a developer tool powered by machine learning that provides intelligent recommendations for improving code quality and identifying an application’s most expensive lines of code. Developers can use Amazon CodeGuru Profiler to understand the runtime behavior of their applications, identify and remove code inefficiencies, improve performance, and significantly decrease compute costs.

Today we are extending the visualizations capability offered by Amazon CodeGuru Profiler with a new Compare option that allows you to view differences between two different time ranges of the same profiling group. The CodeGuru Profiler Compare option helps diagnose issues in your application for a specific time range of profiling data, and can be used to identify potential performance improvements for your application.

You can learn more about investigating performance issues with Amazon CodeGuru Profiler on the AWS Blog.

To get started with the compare feature on Amazon CodeGuru Profiler, visit the user guide. To learn more about Amazon CodeGuru, please see the features page, or to contact the team visit the Amazon CodeGuru developer forum.