Posted On: Sep 23, 2021

AWS Service Catalog AppRegistry and AWS Systems Manager Application Manager now provide an end-to-end AWS application management experience. With this release, customers can use AppRegistry to create applications within their infrastructure as code, CI/CD pipelines, and post-provisioning processes, and use Application Manager to view application operational data and perform operational actions. 

Enterprises are creating, migrating and managing thousands of applications on AWS that use hundreds of thousands of resources. Customers can now navigate directly from AppRegistry to Application Manager to view their AppRegistry application resources, monitor the application operational and compliance status, view operational items, and execute runbooks against application stacks or individual resources. AppRegistry creates a resource group for every application and CloudFormation stack associated to the application. The resource group is kept up-to-date with the application definition as resources are added and removed from the application. Application resource groups can be used with any AWS services that support resource groups, including Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights and Amazon CloudWatch automatic dashboards.

For more information, please refer to the documentation for AWS Service Catalog AppRegistry documentation and AWS Systems Manager Application Manager. See the AWS Region Table for Region availability.