Posted On: Oct 25, 2021

Following the release of updates in MySQL version 8.0, we have updated Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for MySQL and Amazon RDS for MySQL on Outposts to support MySQL minor version 8.0.26. We recommend that you upgrade to the latest minor version to fix known security vulnerabilities in prior versions of MySQL, and to benefit from the numerous bug fixes, performance improvements, and new functionality added by the MySQL community.

Along with this minor version, we’ve added support for Global Transaction Identifiers (GTIDs) and Delayed Replication to MySQL version 8.0. These two features were previously unavailable in Amazon RDS for MySQL version 8.0, and are now available for MySQL version 8.0.26 and higher.

Global transaction identifiers (GTIDs) are unique identifiers generated for committed MySQL transactions. You can use GTID-based replication to make binlog replication simpler and easier to troubleshoot when using Amazon RDS for MySQL read replicas or with an external MySQL database. For more details see Using GTID-based Replication for MySQL in the Amazon RDS User Guide.

Delayed Replication allows you to configure a read replica to lag a fixed time interval behind the source database. You can introduce this intentional delay to help with disaster recovery, such as recovering from a human error that accidentally dropped a database table. For more details on delayed replication see Working with MySQL read replicas in the Amazon RDS user guide.

Learn more about upgrading your database instances in the Amazon RDS User Guide; and create or update a fully managed Amazon RDS database using the latest available minor versions in the Amazon RDS Management Console.