Posted On: Oct 22, 2021

Web Client for AWS Transfer Family provides an intuitive web browser interface for using AWS Transfer for Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). It allows you to adopt AWS Transfer Family plus provides a simple web portal to your corporate SFTP environments for your users.

Non-technical users find it inconvenient to use thick client applications, such as FileZilla and others to transfer files. It’s also complicated to install and support different clients on various end user devices and operating systems. By adopting this browser-based solution you can avoid the effort of managing a commercial client and evade troubleshooting different end-user devices and operating systems. Your customers will be able to access your files without installing any software or using your system from the backend.

This solutions implementation supports common file operations, such as upload, download, rename and delete. Currently, the solution only supports the AWS Transfer Family SFTP-enabled server service – AWS Transfer for SFTP.

To learn more and get started, please visit the solutions implementation web page.

Additional AWS Solutions Implementations are available on the AWS Solutions Implementations webpage, where you can browse technical reference implementations that are vetted by AWS architects, offering detailed architecture and instructions for deployment to help build faster to solve common problems.