Posted On: Nov 23, 2021

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles now provides contact history and customer information together in unified customer profiles at no charge, helping contact center managers personalize the contact center experience. Previously, contact center managers needed to work with software development teams to build profiles of end customers and their contact history. Now, they can use Customer Profiles at no charge to automatically store Amazon Connect contact history in a customer-centric view along with customer information such as name, phone number, account number, and address. Agents can access Customer Profiles to provide more personalized customer service through either the out-of-the-box Amazon Connect agent application or through their company’s custom agent applications, enabling them to provide more personalized customer service. Contact center managers can also use the Customer Profiles contact block when designing contact flows to personalize and automate the contact center experience.

Starting today, every new Amazon Connect instance includes Customer Profiles. Customers can also enable Customer Profiles for their existing Amazon Connect instances through the AWS console.

Customers can also use the paid features of Customer Profiles to build a more complete customer view. You can enrich profiles with data from external applications using pre-built connectors for Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, S3, and more. With the built-in Identity Resolution feature, you can also identify and unify similar profiles into a single unique customer view. To use these paid features, you pay monthly for the number of profiles that store data from external applications or use Identity Resolution.

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