Posted On: Nov 23, 2021

You can now check whether a configuration change will require a blue/green deployment from the Amazon OpenSearch Service console or using the Amazon OpenSearch Service APIs. With this new option, you can plan and make configuration changes that require a blue/green deployment when your cluster is not at its peak traffic.

Previously, you had to depend on documentation to identify whether a change would require a blue/green deployment, and even then in certain scenarios, it was not completely deterministic. Now, when you make a configuration change using the Amazon OpenSearch Service console, you can use the ‘Run Analysis’ option to check whether the change will require a blue/green deployment before you actually make the change. Depending on whether the configuration change requires a blue/green deployment, you can plan to make the change at a time when the cluster is not experiencing its peak traffic, helping you avoid any disruptions or latency during a blue/green deployment for your users. You can also check whether a change will require a blue/green deployment through the configuration APIs by using the new ‘DryRun’ parameter when calling UpdateDomainConfig API.

The new blue/green check is available across 23 regions globally. Please refer to the AWS Region Table for more information about Amazon OpenSearch Service availability.

For more information about this feature, please see the documentation. To learn more about Amazon OpenSearch Service, please visit the product page.