Posted On: Nov 29, 2021

We are excited to announce you can now use Terraform to provision and customize accounts through AWS Control Tower with AWS Control Tower Account Factory for Terraform (AFT). Your developers can now enjoy a streamlined process which automates the provisioning of fully functional accounts, providing your users with faster access to the resources they need to be successful.

AFT provides you with a single Terraform infrastructure as code (IaC) pipeline to provision an AWS Control Tower managed account that helps meet your business and security policies, before handing the accounts to end users. AFT provides automated account creation that includes monitoring when account provisioning is complete, and then triggers additional Terraform modules to enhance the account with any customizations necessary as a part of the same IaC pipeline. As part of the customization process you can configure the pipeline to install your own custom Terraform modules, or you can choose to use one or more of the AFT Feature Options that are AWS provided options for common customizations.

Customers can get started with AWS Control Tower Account Factory for Terraform by following the steps provided in the AWS Control Tower User Guide and downloading AFT for their Terraform instance. Terraform Cloud, Terraform Enterprise, and Terraform open-source are all supported by AFT.

For a full list of regions where AWS Control Tower is available, see the AWS Region Table. To learn more, visit the AWS Control Tower homepage or see the AWS Control Tower User Guide.