Posted On: Dec 21, 2021

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles now supports near real-time data ingestion from Segment and Shopify. Use existing Segment data sources to ingest customer information such as name, email address, and phone number into Amazon Connect. Once your connectors are configured, customer profiles are created and updated in near real-time for new customer actions such as new customer registration, change in contact information, and new order transactions. When a customer calls in, Customer Profiles identifies the customer and presents the agent with latest and most up to date customer information to help them service the customer.

With the Shopify connector, as soon as a customer places an order in the Shopify storefront, Amazon Connect Customer Profiles is designed to update the profile information with the latest order details. When the customer calls in to inquire about a recent order they have placed, the agent can review the order information such as order name, price, order time to help respond to pre-purchase and post-purchase questions without navigating between multiple applications, helping to increase agent productivity.

Get started with the Segment and Shopify connectors by following simple steps in our documentation. Amazon Connect Customer Profiles have pre-built connectors for Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Marketo, Amazon S3, Segment, and Shopify in Europe (London), Europe (Frankfurt), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Canada (Central). US West (Oregon), and US East (N. Virginia). To learn more about Amazon Connect Customer Profiles please visit the Customer Profiles website.