Posted On: Jan 21, 2022

Amazon FinSpace managed Spark clusters now support Apache Spark 3.1.2. Apache Spark 3 has query optimization features like dynamic partition pruning to optimize joins such as joining a large fact table of trades with a smaller dimension table of execution centers. It also includes changes to be more compatible with the ANSI SQL standard and features 30 new built-in functions. FinSpace Spark clusters make it simple for analysts to launch, connect, resize and terminate clusters. FinSpace Spark clusters are available in five sizes, so you can select a configuration that is suitable for your workload, and they include a time series analytics library for preparing and analyzing historical financial time series data at petabtyte scale.

Amazon FinSpace is a fully managed analytics service for financial services customers that makes it easy for analysts to access and analyze data from multiple locations such as internal data stores like portfolio, actuarial, and risk management systems as well as petabytes of data from third-party data sources, such as historical securities prices from stock exchanges. With Amazon FinSpace, customers can store, catalog, and prepare data at scale, reducing the time it takes to gain insights from months to minutes. To get started with Amazon FinSpace, please see the AWS Amazon FinSpace product page and service documentation.

There is no additional charge to use Spark 3 clusters beyond the existing Amazon FinSpace Cluster usage charges. To get started with Amazon FinSpace clusters, please see the documentation.