Amazon FinSpace pricing

Amazon FinSpace is a data management and analytics service for financial services industry (FSI) customers such as hedge funds, asset management firms, insurance companies, and investment banks to store, catalog, prepare, and analyze data at petabyte scale. Using the FinSpace web application and APIs, customers can set up users, add data, and create data views that are optimized for querying. Amazon FinSpace provides scalable clusters to prepare and analyze the data.

  • Managed kdb Insights
  • Pricing

    Using the FinSpace AWS Console and API, customers can launch kdb Insights analytics clusters to perform real-time and historical data processing and analytics. Managed kdb Insights clusters are comprised of one or more compute nodes, each running a kdb Insights process. With Managed kdb Insights, you pay only for the compute, storage, and caching resources you use when running kdb Insights clusters and there are no minimum fees or setup charges.

    On-Demand kdb Insights Nodes for Ticker Plants, Realtime Clusters, Historical Clusters, and Gateways
    On-Demand kdb Insights Nodes let you pay for the compute capacity by the hour your kdb Insights node runs with no long-term commitments.

    For both Single-AZ and Multi-AZ deployments, pricing is per kdb Insights node-hour consumed, from the time a kdb Insights node is launched until it is stopped or deleted. Partial kdb Insights node-hours are billed in one-minute increments.


    kdb Insights Nodes vCPU

    Memory Available

    for kdb(GiB)

    Price per Hour*
    kx.s.large 12 $0.318 
    kx.s.xlarge 4 27 $0.63
    kx.s.2xlarge 8 54 $1.25
    kx.s.4xlarge 17 108 $2.52
    kx.s.8xlarge 32 216 $5.04 
    kx.s.16xlarge 64 432 $10.08 
    kx.s.32xlarge 128 864 $20.16

    *The price per hour does not include kdb Insights software license. See here for details on kdb licensing.

    Storage for kdb Insights Databases
    Data is stored in kdb Databases using change sets. You are charged $0.0264 per month for each GB of data you store in a kdb Database.

    Storage for kdb Insights Realtime Cluster Save-down files
    Real-time clusters will persist data from memory to disk so that it can be added to the kdb historical database for historical analytics. The amount of savedown storage required will depend on the volume of data your real-time cluster is processing each day. You are charged $0.3328 per month for each GB of local storage for save-down files you provision with kdb Insights real-time clusters.

    High performance cache for Historical Clusters
    Historical clusters can utilize high performance database file caching to speed up historical queries. The size of the cache configured depends on the size of the historical data that you need cached. You are charged $0.72 per month for each GB of kdb Insights database cache you provision with kdb Insights historical clusters. For Multi-AZ configuration, a cache in each AZ is automatically created, so your total cost will be 3x the amount of cache storage you specify for the cluster via the API/Console.

    Amazon FinSpace with Managed kdb Insights Pricing Example
    Consider a customer that wants to use Managed kdb Insights to support an application with a 10000 GB database, a 1-node Gateway cluster, a 2-node RDB cluster configured with 5000 GB of savedown storage, and a 3 node HDB cluster configured with 2400 GB of High performance cache. All clusters will use the kx.s.2xlarge node type, and will run 24x7 for the entire month.

    Amazon FinSpace with Managed kdb Insights Pricing Example

    Monthly cost calculation (for a 30-day month)

    Database Storage: $264

        • 10000 GB x $0.0264 per GB = $264

    Gateway: $900

        • 1 node x 720 hours x $1.25 per hour for a kx.s.2xlarge node = $900

    RDB: $5,128

        • 2 node x 720 hours x $1.25 per hour for a kx.s.2xlarge node = $1,800
        • 2 nodes x 5000 GB savedown storage each at $0.3328 per month = $3,328

    HDB: $7,884

        • 3 nodes x 720 hours x $1.25 per hour for a kx.s.2xlarge node = $2,700
        • 2400 GB DB cache at $.72 per GB month across 3 replicas, one per AZ = $5,184

    Total monthly cost: $14,176

        • $264 (DB) + $900 (Gateway) + $5,128 (RDB) + 7,884 (HDB)

  • Dataset Browser
  • Pricing

    With Amazon FinSpace, you pay for users who have access to the application, the storage you use monthly, and for the clusters of compute nodes used to prepare and analyze your data.

    You are charged $150 per month for each registered user in FinSpace. 

    You are charged $0.14 per month for each GB of data you store in FinSpace. 

    FinSpace Clusters (compute)
    You are charged per minute for the compute used to prepare and analyze data. You can choose from five cluster sizes based on your data processing needs.


    Cluster size (# worker nodes*) Price per minute
    Small (2 nodes) $0.14 
    Medium (4 nodes) $0.25
    Large (10 nodes) $0.50
    X-Large (20 nodes) $1.00
    XX-Large (40 nodes) $2.00

    *Each cluster worker node provides 16 vCPU and 244 GB of memory.

    Amazon FinSpace Pricing Example

    Consider a team with 5 people who use Amazon FinSpace to store, prepare, and analyze their data. The team will store 5,000 GB of stock market data and then use this data for their analysis. Each user will spend 20 hours (1,200 minutes) per month using a medium size cluster to prepare and analyze data.

    Monthly cost calculation

    Users: $750

    • 5 users $150 per user = $750

    Storage: $700

    • 5,000 GB x $0.14 per GB = $700

    Compute: $1,500

    • 5 users x 1,200 minutes = 6,000 minutes
    • 6,000 minutes x $0.25 per minute for Medium cluster = $1,500

    Total monthly cost: $2,950

    • $750 (users) + $700 (storage) + $1,500 (compute)