Amazon FinSpace is a data management and analytics service for financial services industry (FSI) customers such as hedge funds, asset management firms, insurance companies, and investment banks to store, catalog, prepare, and analyze data at petabyte scale. Using the FinSpace web application and APIs, customers can set up users, add data, and create data views that are optimized for querying. Amazon FinSpace provides scalable clusters to prepare and analyze the data.


With Amazon FinSpace, you pay for users who have access to the application, the storage you use monthly, and for the clusters of compute nodes used to prepare and analyze your data.

You are charged $150 per month for each registered user in FinSpace. 

You are charged $0.14 per month for each GB of data you store in FinSpace. 

FinSpace Clusters (compute)
You are charged per minute for the compute used to prepare and analyze data. You can choose from five cluster sizes based on your data processing needs.


Cluster size (# worker nodes*) Price per minute
Small (2 nodes) $0.14 
Medium (4 nodes) $0.25
Large (10 nodes) $0.50
X-Large (20 nodes) $1.00
XX-Large (40 nodes) $2.00

*Each cluster worker node provides 16 vCPU and 244 GB of memory.

Amazon FinSpace Pricing Example

Consider a team with 5 people who use Amazon FinSpace to store, prepare, and analyze their data. The team will store 5,000 GB of stock market data and then use this data for their analysis. Each user will spend 20 hours (1,200 minutes) per month using a medium size cluster to prepare and analyze data.

Monthly cost calculation

Users: $750

  • 5 users $150 per user = $750

Storage: $700

  • 5,000 GB x $0.14 per GB = $700

Compute: $1,500

  • 5 users x 1,200 minutes = 6,000 minutes
  • 6,000 minutes x $0.25 per minute for Medium cluster = $1,500

Total monthly cost: $2,950

  • $750 (users) + $700 (storage) + $1,500 (compute)