Posted On: Jan 6, 2022

Today, we are releasing improvements in AWS AppSync to configure the maximum batching size to use when resolving a recurring field with an AWS Lambda resolver or a Direct AWS Lambda resolver.

AWS AppSync is a managed GraphQL service that simplifies application development by letting you create a flexible API to securely access, manipulate, and combine data from one or more data sources with less network calls. With AWS AppSync, you create GraphQL APIs that your applications interact with over the internet. AWS AppSync makes it easy to interact with data sources inside and outside of your AWS account with AWS Lambda resolvers that utilize AWS Lambda functions to execute business logic and fetch data.

With this improvement, you can define Lambda resolvers with a configurable maximum batching size, instead of using the default maximum of 5. Now, AppSync will resolve the recurring field by batching calls to your Lambda function by your configured batching size. In addition, you can now enable batching on your Direct Lambda resolvers without writing a single line of velocity template language (VTL) by configuring the maximum batching size on your resolver.

Configurable batching size for Lambda resolvers is available in all AWS regions where AppSync is available. For more details, refer to our blog post and the AppSync documentation.