Posted On: Feb 3, 2022

Amazon FSx for OpenZFS now supports full-copy volumes to make it easier to clone and experiment with your data, enabling you to quickly capture the results of your cloning-based testing for long-term use.

Amazon FSx for OpenZFS provides fully managed file storage built on the popular OpenZFS file system, offering a rich set of ZFS-powered capabilities for working with data. It supports organizing your file system data into individual data containers called volumes, as well as creating point-in-time copies of these volumes called “clone volumes”. These clone volumes are instantly available and space-efficient — only storing the incremental changes to your source data — making it quick and easy to test new changes to your data and applications. However, you cannot delete the source volume while a clone volume is in use and these dependencies can become increasingly complex as you create more clone volumes. You now have the option to copy a clone volume to a fully independent point-in-time “full-copy volume”. Using full-copy volumes, you can retain the results of your cloning-based experiments for long-term or production use without having to manage any dependencies.

Starting today, you can now create full-copy volumes in all regions where FSx for OpenZFS is available, and at no additional cost. See the Amazon FSx documentation for more information on how to use full-copy volumes with your FSx for OpenZFS file systems.