Posted On: Mar 15, 2022

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL adds support for mysql_fdw which allows your PostgreSQL database to connect and retrieve data stored in separate Amazon Aurora MySQL-compatible, MySQL, and MariaDB databases. 

Foreign Data Wrappers are libraries for PostgreSQL databases that can communicate with an external data source, abstracting the details of connecting to the data source and obtaining data from it. mysql_fdw is a PostgreSQL extension that provides a Foreign Data Wrapper for easy and efficient access to Amazon Aurora MySQL-compatible, MySQL, and MariaDB databases. Please see the list of supported extensions in the Amazon RDS User Guide for specific versions.

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL helps make it easy to set up, operate, and scale PostgreSQL deployments in the cloud. See Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Pricing for pricing details and regional availability. Create or update a fully managed Amazon RDS database in the Amazon RDS Management Console.