Posted On: Mar 1, 2022

AWS Trusted Advisor Priority is now available in preview for AWS Enterprise Support customers, and provides a prioritized view of cloud optimization recommendations and the ability to track the status of these recommendations.

AWS Trusted Advisor Priority provides a prioritized dashboard of recommendations including operational best practices, architectural risks, and account team curated guidance. The dashboard enables you to track the status of your recommendations in conjunction with your account team, and work with them to mitigate your critical outstanding risks.

AWS Trusted Advisor Priority leverages the growing roster of best practice checks, allowing your account team to determine the most impactful recommendations, and prioritize the items you track in your dashboard. In addition to automatically detected recommendations through best practice checks, account teams are also able to surface manually curated recommendations that can help you optimize your deployments on AWS.

Now, customers with accounts on AWS Enterprise Support can login to their Trusted Advisor console from their AWS Organization's management account to see their prioritized recommendations, and start tracking them. To get started with this new capability, visit the AWS Trusted Advisor console.

Please see our documentation for further information.