Posted On: Apr 20, 2022

AWS Migration Hub now helps you orchestrate the migration of applications to AWS with the new Migration Hub Orchestrator feature. The scope of large migration projects generally involves selecting migration tools, step-by-step planning, and tracking the migration process across different tools and teams. Migration Hub Orchestrator provides predefined and customizable workflow templates that offer a prescribed set of migration tasks, migration tools, and automation opportunities. With Orchestrator, you can customize the templates, automate the migration of your applications, and track your progress in one place.

AWS Migration Hub is the one destination for cloud migration and modernization, giving you the tools you need to accelerate and simplify your journey with AWS. The new Orchestrator feature now helps you reduce migration costs and time by removing many of the manual tasks involved in migrating large-scale enterprise applications, managing dependencies between different tools, and providing visibility into migration progress. At this time, Orchestrator supports 1) the migrations of SAP NetWeaver–based applications with HANA databases and 2) the rehosting of any applications to AWS. You can use a predefined workflow template to orchestrate the validation of the source environment for migration readiness, provisioning your target environment, replication of database and applications, post-migration validation, and cutover to AWS.

The Orchestrator feature is generally available, and you can use it in all AWS Regions where AWS Migration Hub is available. To learn more, read the blog, user guide, and API reference. Accelerate your application with AWS Migration Hub Orchestrator today.