Posted On: Apr 27, 2022

Today we are launching the ability for AWS Snowball Edge customers to update device certificates for Snowball Edge devices deployed at edge locations. Customers, Solutions Architects, or Account Managers can open a support case with AWS Snow team to request software update package with new device certificate. Customers then use the existing software update process to apply the new device certificate to their Snow devices. This enables customers to deploy Snowball Edge devices for multiple years without having to replace devices to update their operating certificates.

Prior to this launch, customers had to replace their Snowball Edge devices when the device certificate expired in 360 days. Customers could not update the device certificates on Snowball Edge devices deployed in the field. Replacing an existing Snow device with a new replacement snowball edge every 360 days caused disruption to customer’s continued operations in the field. With this launch, customers do not have to replace their devices due to device certificate expiry and can offline update the device certificate in the field.

This feature is available in all commercial and AWS GovCloud (US) Regions where Snowball Edge devices are available at no additional cost. To learn more, visit the AWS Snowball documentation and the AWS Snowball product page. Log into the AWS Snow Family console to get started.