Posted On: Apr 27, 2022

Today, AWS Snow Family launches Large Data Migration Manager, a new feature that enables you to plan, track, and manage your large data migrations when using multiple Snowball Edge service products. You can now easily plan and monitor your jobs from a minimum of 500 Terabytes to Petabytes scale data migrations. Using Large Data Migration Manager eliminates the need for you to manually track all of your Snow jobs and the status of their data ingestion.  

The AWS Snow Family Large Data Migration Manager feature collects information about your data migration goals such as the data size to be moved to AWS, and the number of Snow devices you need in order to migrate data simultaneously. The Large Data Migration Manager then creates a projected schedule for your data migration project and recommends a job ordering schedule for your Snow jobs to meet your goals. The projected schedule is automatically adjusted as the project proceeds based on the amount of data ingested and the average time taken to complete a Snow job. Large Data Migration Manager’s projected job schedule allows you to focus on moving your data to AWS without having to worry about manually planning for or creating new Snow job orders. With Snow Large Data Migration Manager, you can now plan and track all your data migration needs and monitor the progress of the data ingestion in a single, centralized dashboard.

You can get started with the Large Data Migration Manager in three simple steps. First, go to the AWS Snow Family Management Console landing page and click on the ‘Create your large data migration plan' button. Second, create a new large data migration plan for your large migration project by providing the amount of data you need to migrate and location where Snow devices need to be shipped. Third, once your large data migration plan is created, Large Data Migration Manager will show you options to either add existing jobs, or create new or clone old jobs and assign them to the plan. Finally, once the jobs are added to your data migration plan, you can track the status of each Snow job and review the projected schedule for when to place a Snow job orders.

The AWS Snow Family Large Data Migration Manager capability is available in all commercial regions where Snowball devices are currently available except in Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), Asia Pacific (Osaka), AWS China (Beijing) operated by Sinnet, AWS China (Ningxia) operated by NWCD, Africa (Cape Town), and Europe (Milan) regions. To learn more, visit the Snow product page, and Snow Family documentation. To get started, visit the AWS Snow Family console.