Posted On: Jun 6, 2022

AWS DeepRacer Multi-user mode provides an exciting way for organizations to sponsor multiple AWS DeepRacer participants under one AWS account. Until now, AWS DeepRacer event organizers lacked ways to preemptively set budgets and controls for participants and maintain, monitor, and control their budgets by monitoring usage. 

Now, AWS DeepRacer event organizers can set quotas on participants' training hours and model count, monitor spending on training and storage, enable and disable training, and view and manage models for every user in their account from the AWS DeepRacer console. Event organizers can update 5h default training limits individually, for a group, or across all participants by selecting and updating quotas in the AWS DeepRacer console to match their budget.

Learn more about how to get started in the documentation and invite anyone to start sponsoring racers today in the AWS DeepRacer console.