Posted On: Nov 1, 2021

With an AWS DeepRacer multi-user account set up, organizers (aka DeepRacer Account Administrators) can now provide racers access to the AWS DeepRacer service under their AWS account ID, monitor spending on training and storage, enable/disable training, and view/manage models for every user using their AWS account from the AWS DeepRacer console.

Until now, organizations hosting an AWS DeepRacer event for their employees, students, or customers had to create and manage an AWS account for each of their users. This was cumbersome and time consuming, often limiting the number of users able to engage with the AWS DeepRacer console. With each individually managed AWS account, organizers had little control of or visibility into usage, leading to companies spending more money on training their employees than they were expecting to spend. Now, anyone hosting an AWS DeepRacer event can activate the AWS DeepRacer multi-user account feature in the AWS DeepRacer console, apply policies that enable thousands of DeepRacer-only user profiles to be created under their AWS account ID, monitor usage of all user profiles under their AWS account, and stop/resume training charges at any time from a single dashboard in AWS DeepRacer console.

Learn more in our documentation here.