Posted On: Jul 18, 2022

As your application needs change, Amazon EBS Elastic Volumes allows you to easily increase capacity, tune performance, and change the type of Amazon EBS volumes. Customers are using EBS Elastic Volumes to migrate to gp3 volumes and save up to 20% per GB compared to gp2 volumes.

Now, when customers use Elastic Volumes to change volume type from gp2 to gp3, Amazon EBS will automatically provision the target gp3 volume with IOPS and throughput equivalent to the original gp2 volume. This new feature removes all guesswork out of provisioning gp3 performance for your applications, making it even easier to migrate to gp3 volumes and save costs. This feature is available today via the AWS Console, AWS CLI, or the SDKs. To learn more, visit AWS EBS General Purpose Volumes.