Amazon Elastic Block Store

Easy to use, high performance block storage at any scale

Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) is an easy to use, high-performance, block-storage service designed for use with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for both throughput and transaction intensive workloads at any scale. A broad range of workloads, such as relational and non-relational databases, enterprise applications, containerized applications, big data analytics engines, file systems, and media workflows are widely deployed on Amazon EBS.

You can choose from six different volume types to balance optimal price and performance. You can achieve single-digit-millisecond latency for high-performance database workloads such as SAP HANA or gigabyte per second throughput for large, sequential workloads such as Hadoop. You can change volume types, tune performance, or increase volume size without disrupting your critical applications, so you have cost-effective storage when you need it.

Designed for mission-critical systems, EBS volumes are replicated within an Availability Zone (AZ) and can easily scale to petabytes of data. Also, you can use EBS Snapshots with automated lifecycle policies to back up your volumes in Amazon S3, while ensuring geographic protection of your data and business continuity.

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Performance for any workload

EBS volumes are performant for your most demanding workloads, including mission-critical applications such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft products. SSD-backed options include a volume designed for high performance applications and a general-purpose volume that offers strong price/performance for most workloads. Customers who want to drive higher performance can attach their EBS volumes to Amazon EC2 R5b instances to get up to 60 Gbps bandwidth and 260K IOPS (input/output operations per second) of performance, the fastest block storage performance on EC2. For large, sequential workloads such as big data analytics engines, log processing, and data warehousing, customers can use HDD-backed volumes . Use Fast Snapshot Restore (FSR) to instantly receive full performance when creating an EBS volume from a snapshot.

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Highly available and durable

Amazon EBS architecture offers reliability for mission-critical applications. EBS volumes are designed to protect against failures by replicating within the Availability Zone (AZ), offering 99.999% availability. EBS offers a high-durability volume (io2) for customers that need 99.999% durability, especially for their business-critical applications. All other EBS volumes are designed to deliver 99.8% - 99.9% durability. For simple and robust backup, use EBS Snapshots with Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM) policies to automate snapshot management. 

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EBS offers six different volumes at various price points and performance benchmarks, enabling you to optimize costs and invest in a precise level of storage for your application needs. Options range from highly-cost-effective, dollar-per-gigabyte volumes to high-performance volumes with high IOPS and high throughput designed for mission-critical workloads. With up to a 20% lower price point per GB than gp2, gp3 volumes provide you with high-performance SSD storage and the ability to provision more IOPS without adding more storage capacity. Additionally, EBS offers backups using EBS Snapshots that are incremental and save on storage costs by not duplicating data.

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Easy to Use

Amazon EBS volumes are easy to create, use, encrypt, and protect. Elastic Volumes capability allows you to increase storage, tune performance up and down, and change volume types without any disruption to your workloads. EBS Snapshots allow you to easily take backups of your volumes for geographic protection of your data. Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM) is an easy-to-use tool for automating snapshot management without any additional overhead or cost.

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Virtually unlimited scale

Amazon EBS enables you to increase storage without any disruption to your critical workloads, build applications that require as little as a single GB of storage, or scale up to petabytes of data — all in just a few clicks. Snapshots can be used to quickly restore new volumes across a region's Availability Zones, enabling rapid scale.

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EBS is built to be secure for data compliance. Newly-created EBS volumes can be encrypted by default with a single setting in your account. EBS volumes support encryption of data at rest, data in transit, and all volume backups. EBS encryption is supported by all volume types, includes built-in key management infrastructure, and has zero impact on performance.

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Introducing io2 Block Express

Customers have historically had to rely on on-premises Storage Area Networks, or SANs, for delivering high-performance block storage. But SANs are often expensive, force you to invest in expensive storage arrays upfront regardless of your utilization, and are difficult to manage. With io2 Block Express, we are introducing the first SAN built for the cloud. io2 Block Express offers the highest-performance block storage in the cloud with 4x higher throughput, IOPS, and capacity than io2 volumes, along with sub-millisecond latency. Designed to provide 4,000 MB/s throughput per volume, 256K IOPS/volume, up to 64 TiB storage capacity, and 1,000 IOPS/GB as well as 99.999% durability, io2 Block Express is ideal for running your largest, most I/O intensive, mission-critical deployments of Oracle, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server, and SAS Analytics. With io2 Block Express, you now get the performance of a SAN, in a high-durability block store in the cloud along with the ability to scale, provision, and pay just for the capacity you need.

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Introducing new gp3 general purpose SSD volumes

Customers use general purpose volumes for a majority of their workloads including virtual desktops, medium sized single instance databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, latency sensitive interactive applications, boot volumes, and dev/test environments. Amazon EBS gp3 volumes are the latest generation of general-purpose SSD-based EBS volumes that enable customers to provision performance independent of storage capacity, while providing up to 20% lower price per GB than existing gp2 volumes. With gp3 volumes, customers can scale IOPS and throughput without needing to provision additional block storage capacity. This means customers only pay for the storage they need.

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Use cases

Enterprise applications

Amazon EBS provides high availability and high durability block storage to reliably run mission-critical applications such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and VMware applications on VMware Cloud on AWS.

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Relational databases

Amazon EBS scales with your performance needs, whether you are supporting millions of gaming customers or billions of e-commerce transactions. Databases such as SAP HANA, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL are widely deployed on Amazon EBS.

Learn how Slack achieved cost savings on its MySQL backups with Amazon EBS

Business continuity

Amazon EBS allows you to minimize data loss and recovery time with the ability to regularly back up your data and log files across different geographic regions. Quickly restore new volumes to launch applications in new regions.

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NoSQL databases

Amazon EBS volumes provide consistent and low-latency performance for running NoSQL databases such as Cassandra, MongoDB, and CouchDB.

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Big data analytics engines

Amazon EBS offers data persistence, dynamic-performance adjustments, and the ability to detach and reattach volumes, allowing you to resize clusters for big data analytics engines such as Hadoop and Spark.

Learn how Videology improved performance and reduced cost for its Hadoop clusters with Amazon EBS

File systems & media workflows

Amazon EBS lets you scale easily with additional volumes to support growing file systems, and the choice of four different volumes to optimize price and performance.

Learn how Geodata built an ultra scalable, cost effective Geographic Information System (GIS) using Amazon EBS

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