Posted On: Jul 19, 2022

Today, AWS Marketplace announced that Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can now add a reseller contract and leverage standard Reseller Contract for AWS Marketplace (RCMP) template when authorizing channel partners to resell ISV products to AWS Marketplace buyers. This launch will help reduce redundancy in legal contract reviews when the two parties (ISVs and channel partners/consulting partners) onboard with each other. ISVs and channel partners can now further optimize their resell operations with this self-service feature of reseller contracts that defines a Consulting Partner Private Offer (CPPO) transaction.

At launch, ISVs can optionally attach an RCMP or their own customized contract when creating a reseller opportunity. Channel partners can then view and accept ISV's reseller contract when accepting a reseller opportunity to create a CPPO. Reseller Contracts for AWS Marketplace are strictly between channel partners and ISVs and will not be visible to the final buyer of a CPPO. To get started with RCMP, please review the AWS Marketplace Seller Guide.