Posted On: Aug 29, 2022

Amazon AppFlow, a fully managed integration service that helps customers to securely transfer data between AWS services and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications in just a few clicks, now supports Jira Cloud as a source.

With this launch, AppFlow customers can now bring data from Jira Cloud into Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, or any of Amazon AppFlow’s many other destinations. Jira Cloud data unlocks many compelling analytics and reporting use cases. For instance, customers are now able to perform statistical analysis and machine learning on Jira Issues in order to identify patterns or trends, and software development leaders can develop new metrics and reporting for software development velocity.

Amazon AppFlow makes it easy for customers to configure data transfers with Jira Cloud in just a few clicks. To learn more about how to use this connector and others, please visit the AppFlow user guide.