Posted On: Oct 19, 2022

Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights will now auto-generate Application Level Health Dashboards. Application Insights helps you automatically set up monitoring and enhanced observability for AWS resources. With the new health dashboards, you get a centralized view of all aspects of your application, making it easier and faster to view, sort and search your problems. The visual clues will help you take a faster path towards diagnosing and resolving potential issues.

Once you have set up the applications that need monitoring in your account, Application Insights will automatically generate the dashboards under the ‘application detail’ page. This would be available for both newly created and existing applications. The visual representation of the problems, through graphs and charts, gives you a single pane view of all resources and workload types supported by Application Insights. These dashboards will be in addition to component level health dashboards made available earlier this year. You can now get a dashboard view at the application level as well as at the components level as we continue to add support in these areas.

The new dashboard is available in all AWS commercial regions. For information about pricing, see Amazon CloudWatch Pricing. To learn more about the service, pursue the Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights pages.