Posted On: Nov 14, 2022

Amazon File Cache is now available in four additional AWS regions: Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Seoul), Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), and Europe (Stockholm).

Amazon File Cache is a fully managed, scalable, and high-speed cache on AWS for processing file data stored in disparate locations—including on premises. You can create a cache on AWS in just a few minutes and link it to multiple on-premises NFS file systems, in cloud file systems (Amazon FSx for OpenZFS, Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP), and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets. Amazon File Cache is designed to deliver consistent sub millisecond latency, up to hundreds of GB/s of throughput, and up to millions of operations per second, helping you speed up workload completion times and optimize compute utilization. Using Amazon File Cache, you can accelerate and simplify cloud bursting and hybrid workflows including media and entertainment, financial services, health and life sciences, microprocessor design, manufacturing, weather forecasting, and energy.

For more information, please visit the Amazon File Cache product page, and see the AWS region table for complete regional availability information.