Posted On: Nov 16, 2022

We are excited to announce that Incident Manager, a capability of AWS Systems Manager, now integrates with PagerDuty, a popular tool for operational incident response. This extends AWS capabilities for operational incident response, helping operations teams more quickly engage, respond, and resolve critical application availability and performance issues when they occur.

Incident Manager helps you bring the right people and information together when a critical issue is detected, activating pre-configured response plans to engage responders using SMS, phone calls, and chat channels, as well as to run AWS Systems Manager Automation runbooks. You can now incorporate PagerDuty directly in an Incident Manager response plan to automatically engage responders when an issue is detected by an Amazon CloudWatch alarm or Amazon EventBridge event. Using Incident Manager, you can also add responders on-the-fly while the incident response is ongoing. This helps you engage the right people as soon as you uncover more information on root cause, speeding up response times. You can now view, select, and engage specific responders and teams as designated in PagerDuty at any time from the Incident Manager console.

This new integration with PagerDuty adds to existing Incident Manager integrations with ServiceNow and Atlassian Jira Service Management. To learn how to get started with product integrations in Incident Manager, see our documentation.