Posted On: Feb 21, 2023

AWS announces the general availability of AWS Telco Network Builder to help communications service providers (CSPs) automate the deployment and management of telco networks on AWS. CSPs want to take advantage of the cost efficiencies, agility, and elasticity of the cloud, but it’s complicated to map traditional network requirements to a cloud environment. To set up a large network, you need to deploy hundreds of compute, storage, and networking components on AWS across thousands of locations. You also need to set up and maintain secure networking between locations, then manage and scale ongoing network operations.

AWS Telco Network Builder is a network automation service that makes it easier and faster to deploy and manage telco networks on AWS while still using telecom industry standards. With AWS Telco Network Builder, you define network requirements by using telecom industry standards. AWS Telco Network Builder maps the requirements to a cloud architecture and provisions the right compute, storage, and networking resources automatically. AWS Telco Network Builder simplifies network lifecycle management by allowing you to deploy, update, and upgrade network functions and services. The service also provides a centralized dashboard so that you can monitor and manage your network functions and AWS services from one place.

AWS Telco Network Builder is available in the following AWS Regions: US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Europe (Frankfurt), and Europe (Paris).

To learn more, see the AWS News Blog or the AWS Telco Network Builder product detail page.